Get it off your chest All new social network, with a difference..

Is there something really bugging you, or you're just really pissed of about something or someone? Don't hold it in. Vent that shit and get it out of your system.

Welcome to Get it Off your Chest, the unique social network where you can get anything off your chest. Be it a complaint about work, colleagues or customer service experience, the skies the limit, and there are next to no boundaries. What if you need to vent about your ex or neighbor? Not to worry, you can get it off your chest here. Your information will always remain confidential, and no one will ever know exactly who got it off their chest. Not yet a member? Don't worry. Joining is quick and simple, just register here

Why join?

  • We won't limit your reach. In fact, we extend it by placing your posts on the new post feed, and if they are popular or generate a lot of discussion they appear in the hot feed, and most commented feeds. Every post that gets a like appears on the recently liked feed.
  • Perfect for brands, personalities and anyone looking to entertain others. You will reach a larger percentage of your fans.
  • More flexibility than other networks that limit how much you can post.
  • Reach more potential customers and fans with our unique methods of maximizing your reach
  • It's fun!
  • Follow the brands, organizations and personalities you like, and see everyone of their updates in your own personal news feed.
  • We are free and will never charge you to reach your fans.

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